Nogah & DiTZAH
Welcome to the "Elders" Home Page

Over the course of the past decade I have personally come into relationships with numerous brethren who are walking the Hebrew Roots or Messianic Jewish path traveled by Yeshua's earliest of followers. Amazingly however I continue to find the same pattern emerging ... the vast majority of persons encountered tend to be in the late thirties to early fifties age bracket. Perhaps there is some sort of "generational thing" going on here ... but this is a topic for another day.

Despite this pervasive pattern, I have been thoroughly blessed by a relationship with an elderly couple who I fondly refer to as Nogah (Brightness) and Ditzah (Joyful). Through the years we've become quite close, in many respects these two have served as surrogate parents for me and for their part they fondly refer to me as their son ... Beninu! I have been honored with the designation.

Hopefully we know from a Hebraic perspective that a person's honor is derived through their relationship with G_D ... and of course their own walk in G_D's Torah. Consequently the stature and honor of the elders meeting these qualifications within a community is presumed to be significant ... it would appear to me that a primary purpose of the elders within a community is in fact to provide parental surrogacy and to a broader extent bless the community with their wisdom and experience. It is the "mutual blessing dynamic" wherein the elders pass along the traditions and wisdom of their generation to the next generation ... while they continue to be utilized by G_D and find shalom in purposefulness. 

The bottom line is that our elders have much to contribute ... much blessing to impart for those of us coming up behind them. As such ... I've asked Nogah and Ditzah if they would share with the visitors to this website some of their own experiences and understanding ... in the hopes that others might be blessed as I have been.

These elders have graciously agreed to my request and I am hopeful that their contribution storehouse will continue to grow.