Holy Days

For a detailed review of The Biblical Festivals please refer to Book #1 The Biblical Festivals available at the Author's Books section of this Website.

As for this site page ... a high level summary of the Mo'adim (Appointed Times) is being provided with additional materials for review and use.

The Biblical Appointed Times are extremely important to ADONAI ... and of course His children. These Festivals reveal ADONAI's great plan of restoration through Yeshua HaMashiach and enable believers to operate in accordance to the times and rhythms of the Creator ... bless His Holy Name!

There is no coincidence that the original Tabernacle itself is called the Ohel Mo'ed (Tent of Appointed Times). Consequently the "appointed times" are directly related to G_D's presence and our presentation to Him within the auspices of the Holy Service (Avodah Kodesh).

The Mo'adim are connected to everything ... Mashiach; The Holy Service; The Tabernacle; The Torah; The Everlasting Covenant; Kingdom Israel ... our very walk and relationship with ADONAI through Mashiach! Please take this opportunity to delve into these Biblical Feasts ... they are relevant, mysterious, wonderful and ... oh by the way ... obligatory from a Biblical Covenantal perspective!

Shalom Aleichem ... P.R. Otokletos

Appointed Times Of ADONAI