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Welcome Message

Greetings children of G_D Most High ... may you be abundantly blessed by THE G_D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ... THE G_D of Israel ... THE ETERNAL G_D of all creation!

You have reached the "Covenant of Truth" website ... the home page for author P.R. Otokletos ... a believer in and servant of YESHUA HaMashiach ... known throughout the world as Jesus The Christ ... the anointed One of G_D ... the One through WHOM salvation is delivered to humanity ... the One WHO is salvation!

The Purpose of this website?

Although one may think that this is a site dedicated to promoting the author's works for revenue generation purposes ... this would be an incorrect presumption. Most assuredly this site will provide author generated books as well as some other resources and the sweet resonance of the Psalmist ... but all of the Messianic Judaic/Hebraic materials contained within the site are distributed freely.

So back to the question ... what is the site's purpose?

YESHUA came as the Messiah of Israel, as promised in the Torah, to reconcile humanity and all creation with the AWESOME G_D MOST HIGH through a "renewed covenant - Brit Chadasha" intended to draw both Israel and the nations back into the everlasting covenant. Since YESHUA's glorious ministry, and even unto this day however there remains confusion, debate and division with respects to the very meaning and intended results of YESHUA's mighty works. In essence there remains for so many people a mystery of what the true Gospel Message is ... and sadly in many instances the truth and power of "The WAY" remains elusive because of the oppressive onslaught of wayward theological doctrine, misunderstanding and lukewarm-warm conviction. 

The intent of this site therefore is to provide accurate Hebraic contextual testimony to YESHUA and HIS Gospel Message. A good news message that absolutely positively confirms the mercy of G_D through grace but also confirms the righteousness and integrity of G_D by upholding the Everlasting Covenant between G_D and Israel as well as G_D's sacred Torah ... the covenant of truth! 

Children of G_D ... the intent of YESHUA's labors and the ensuing Gospel Message is to usher in His Kingdom wherein Israel and peoples of every nation will be bound in unity through YESHUA. Bound not just through a cognitive affirmation that YESHUA is Mashiach but rather bound through G_D's RUACH (SPIRIT) which teaches, urges, counsels, rebukes and ultimately conforms believers towards YESHUA's holy character. And ... of utmost importance it should be declared that conformance to YESHUA's holy character does not and cannot result in abrogation or disdain of the holy commandments set forth in Torah ... nor the revelations and truths defined in the covenantal relationship between G_D and Israel. Our goal in being transformed to the image and likeness of Mashiach is for the purpose of reconciling the creation back to Abba Father in and through Mashiach YESHUA according to the manner in which G_D has planned ... not according to the imaginations of men.

So ... the truth of the renewed covenant is that Mashiach is building a Kingdom wherein both Jew and Gentile, redeemed from the slavery of sin and death, will be united in Him and joined together in  grace and covenantal compliance through Spiritual rebirth. Jew and Gentile ... one new people ... constituents of G_D's Kingdom Israel ... serving YESHUA in WHOM G_D MOST HIGH has given all authority! The unedited version of YESHUA's Gospel will assuredly be promulgated throughout all the Earth!

If dear reader you are wondering what G_D has in store for us ... and if you are searching to find what G_D expects of us ... and if you are wondering why our "religion" has not resulted in a transformed world? Then perhaps you have come to a site that can provide some useful insights and materials for your quest ... or at least this is the author's prayer!

If you are an individual that is already aware of the Hebraic roots of the Biblical faith ... then perhaps you can find some useful information to facilitate your journey. If you are an individual that finds the notion of "Hebraic Roots" to be a foreign concept ... then you should be able to review the provided information to gain a solid understanding of what separates this faith from Christianity and contemporary streams of Rabbinic Judaism.

Regardless of where your journey takes you ... may you be blessed!

All power, glory and praise to G_D MOST HIGH forever and ever ... Praise YESHUA!

Shalom Aleichem ... P.R. Otokletos

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If by chance you do receive a blessing from this site ... please share with others the materials garnered herein or pass along the site's address ... who knows ... together we might just be part of the restoration process ... one person at a time!