Mysterious Beloveds

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Welcome to Yochana's Soul Resonance home page ... the place where the Psalmist's Aliyah with THE LORD is penned and resonated.

Yochana's ongoing conversation with THE WORD is expressed via inspired outpourings contained within the categories of:

"Mysterious Beloveds"
"Oh Israel"
"Light And Dark" 

All things revealed be given as: Patterns, Portents, and Portraits ... all Pointing to GREAT PELE our YESHUAH!

Yochana has been gracious enough to share this Aliyah where we see how THE WORD is ALIVE and how it is (HAYA) ...
long ago and now and forever more! Selah!​​​​​​​


Mysterious Beloveds

Psalmist's Heart
Arise Dry Bones
Bridal Song
Spirit to Spirit
See as G_D Sees
Spirit of Elijah
A New Thing