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Shalom ... this means peace ... contentment ... and even more when viewed within a traditional Hebraic perspective. Most assuredly "a word" can make a big difference when viewing G_D's Word and often times getting "the word" ... the meaning ... the context correct is critical to understanding what G_D is actually revealing to us.

The Hebrew language is quite different from the Greek Language and our English language. Even within the Hebrew language itself there are distinct nuances between Temple Language, Legal Language, Prayer Language, Covenant Language, Common Language, etc. The point being that without understanding these nuances and the proper use of the Hebrew language … it is very easy to lose the real context and meaning of G_D’s Word. And yes it is known that many individuals and organizations will attempt to refute this reality … but they do so simply because rigorous review of G_D’s Word within the Hebrew Language bias creates problems for them … problems with translation; interpretation; context and ultimately their theology.

In addition it must be noted that the Hebrew Language can be quite idiomatic … wherein the real meaning of what is being transmitted can only be discerned within the auspices of understanding the cultural context (idiom) that is being used. For instance … when Mashiach Yeshua discussed “man as a tree” or “good works as fruits” … the reader needs to be aware that these expressions are idiomatic and point back to well-known Hebraic conventions that are Torah centric … that are “tree of life” centric. If the Biblical passages are not viewed within the proper context than the interpretation/meanings are quite frankly going to be flawed! 

Essentially the Hebrew Language is quite unique ... it is an "active" language that discretely expresses and augments the Hebrew Worldview ... a perspective formed and molded by the unique relationship with G_D within the auspices of the G_D to Chosen People Israel Covenant. 

Yes indeed ... there is an entire world of Hebraic richness and intimacy with respects to G_D's Word when viewed within a Hebrew language framework. And yes it behooves us to pursue this view ... this perspective ... because it is to our benefit beloved children of G_D Most High!

Is it an easy endeavor ... by no means! Is it something that can be done quickly ... by no means! Is it something that I must have in order to be saved ... by no means! ... But ... personally I can testify that study and utilization of the Hebrew Language has enriched my understanding of G_D's Word ... enriched my prayer life ... brought me closer to the Jewish tradition; to the roots of our faith ... brought me closer to my Mashiach Yeshua! Ultimately I have found the Hebrew Language to be a great blessing in my life and would encourage every believer to take advantage of the resources available to us in these later days.

The provided materials herein at the left navigation panel may be useful in starting this great endeavor.

The Hebrew Lessons are detailed introductory lessons which I believe came from the Hebrew 4 Christians web-site and as such great thanks are owed to John Parsons.

The Hebrew Lessons (Alternative) is a similar language study ... but from a different source!

The Hebrew Stems study which source is Mr. Geoffrey Stewart Morrison, is more detailed and focuses upon verb stem identification and structural usage ... good for intermediate studies.

Finally ... the following "URL(s)" can be copied and pasted into your internet browser where you will be taken to a language resource site that even includes free online video training!


Shalom Aleichem ... P.R. Otokletos