Yochana The Beloved Psalmist

Barukh HaShem!
Welcome to Yochana's Soul Melody Home Page ... the place where the Psalmist's Heart and Charge is to be found!

Yochana is my dear sister in Messiah Yeshuah who I've had the privilege of knowing for years and quite honestly one would be hard pressed to find a more compassionate, caring, gracious and loving member of the body of Messiah.

Through the years Yochana has blessed numerous brethren within and those outside the community of believers with her charity/tsedakha and more importantly with her deeply introspective and heartfelt spiritual fruit. Yochana is truly a "Beloved of the LORD" and receives her joy from blessing others and simply serving G_D in whatever capacity is needed.

Within the Hebraic perspective we know that prayer represents our movement towards G_D's will in understanding his purpose for us as we promulgate the kingdom of light and draw humanity towards G_D's truth and glory. But we should also be cognizant of the fact that it is within prayer that we are moved by G_D to experience  the broad range of physical, emotional and spiritual resonance ... that we need and desire ... by G_D's Holy Spirit ... at the right time! As such when we ponder the Psalms for instance we should hope G_D's Spirit blesses us in such a way so that we ourselves actually experience G_D in similar fashion to the beloved Psalmists!

So ... as you might suspect ... our sister Yochana is blessed in this manner! Our sister prays and experiences the ups and downs of the Psalmists. Additionally Yochana is a very special resonator and musician who has generously agreed to share the outputs of her very special Aliyah on this very site. I have no doubt that Yochana's gifts are a reason why so many people she comes across cleave to her ... our sister simply resonates the Spirit of Messiah and produces soul melodies as a way of life.

As of June 17th 2018 the Psalmist's section of this website has been redesigned and organized in a manner more suitable to the stories and messages provided by our Yochana. The Psalmist's resonances have been put into a more robust multimedia format with the hopes that the blessings will be all the more greater.

Please be aware that what is being made available here is:

* The Psalmist's Inspired Songs (Tab Titled "Psalmist's Music");

* Special Resonances providing insight into these latter days events (Tab Titled "Psalmist's Resonances").

Although each main tab contains sub-pages, please don't overlook the main tabs as well since these also contain lovely content. 

The Psalmist is resonating ... it is hoped that some are listening ... and acting!

On a personal note I must add that the media provided herein represents a wonderful collaboration between the Psalmist and members of our humble house community. A collaboration wherein the communal and individual Aliyah contributes to the final presentations provided on this website.

Please join me in prayer ... for our Psalmist ... pray she be steadfast in her charge ... pray that people will listen and awaken ... pray our LORD's will for her as a messenger to the select and elect is greatly productive ... bringing a bountiful harvest of souls to YESHUAH!​​​

Shalom Aleichem,

P.R. Otokletos