The Torah

Any visitor will quickly discern after navigating this website for even a short while that in general the Hebraic perspective views the eternal Torah as a fundamental component of G_D's plan for humanity. Even more so from a Messianic Hebraic perspective the sacred Torah is essentially a revealed manifestation of G_D's character and naturally that of Mashiach Yeshua! Therefore ... The Word ... is in fact the living representation of G_D's holy and awesome essence.

Because the issue of Torah observance tends to be such a "touchy" subject within mainstream Judaism, Messianic Judaism and most assuredly Christianity ... it is important that materials be provided in order to set the record straight so to speak.

Consequently via the left navigation pane herein ... some materials have been provided that:

  • Explain Torah in a Hebraic perspective ... define the purpose of Torah;
  • Provide some sound teachings regarding Law/Grace/Legalism;
  • Provide some definitions and insights with respects to proper Hebraic exegetical and interpretative methods;
  • Provide an overview of how the Jewish Tradition approaches the weekly Torah reading schedule;
  • Provide an overview of the Rabbinic Talmud itself for purposes of exposing the Hebraic Perspective

Please do not fret at the prospect of understanding Torah ... or the supplemental component of Law within Torah! The Torah is the good, holy, righteous, perfect and eternal Word of G_D Most High ... what is there to be afraid of?

Torah ... beloved children of G_D is a map ... a journey ... back to G_D's presence; let us not be confounded by the wisdom of this world or the children of ignorance and disobedience! Torah is a gift for all humanity and the inheritance of all believers in Mashiach Yeshua ... let not the inheritance slip away!

Please note ... there are more detailed commentaries on The Torah contained within the free books provided at this website!

Shalom Aleichem ... P.R. Otokletos