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April 2024  

The Psalmist Yochana remains quite busy on Aliyah and gifts us with four new soul resonance messages; all of which are timely and relevant to the upcoming Passover (Pesach). As always the story of the Children of Israel can never be distanced from the story of Messiah YESHUAH … HE is the key and the only means by which the WORD can be revealed in fullness! All throughout Torah, the glory of the Son of Man is singing from the scroll. At times in hidden humble subtlety and at other times simply bellowing above the roar and noise of mankind … commanding to be heard.

“Banim”: The Psalmist in good Hebraic sentiment pays tribute to the Fathers (A’vot) but really stresses the dynamic of the special Sons (Banim) which plays out through Holy Scriptures. While Israel points to their lineage from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, THE WORD reveals the greater lineage which begets the “children of ELOHIM” through YESHUAH … the one true SON and the FATHER of all who follow HIM from redemption into salvation and eternal life.

“Coming And Going”: Just in time for Passover (Pesach), the Psalmist ponders the great mystery of Exodus within the WORD. Aliyah from Egypt, Aliyah from Babylon … and it would seem that coming and going is a repeating and converging hayah! The patterns of Israel’s comings and goings be wondrous but more so is the wonder “PELE” that leads the people. The Psalmist points out the patterns and hopes that those with ears hear the cry to come out of Babylon … it is time for coming and going!

“Wind And Sea”: What better time than Passover to muse upon the great event wherein Moses led the children of Israel across the sea to safety while being cornered by Pharaoh’s warriors. The Psalmist pays tribute to the event with this soul resonance but reveals how Moses was the picture, pattern, portrait and portent … all pointing to PELE YESHUAH … the ONE who has the real authority over the wind and sea.

“Dwelling Places”: How fitting that the Psalmist concludes this collection of Pesach soul resonances with the remembrance of the Tents of Israel as seen in vision by Balaam atop the high place at Peor. The Psalmist sees the sight as well and knows that the real story is the glory of Immanu’EL dwelling with HIS people.

All four of the Psalmist’s soul resonances can be found at the “Oh Israel” site page! 

March 2024  

For such a time as this the Psalmist releases four relevant and disturbing inspired resonances. Since the Sign in the Heavens at Tishri 2017, things on Earth have been difficult to say the least. Unfortunately news on the Horizon for humanity as a whole is even darker! There are some who bare witness to the chaos but most choose to address the symptoms instead of the root cause and cold hard truth. Has the collective logic of mankind made us all numb to the validity of GOD's WORD ... there is a fine line between discernment and paranoia ... hmmm! 

The Psalmist weighs in on the rampant antisemitism and pro-Palestinian support seen throughout the Western Nations and assuredly in America. But the Psalmist does not view such in strict geopolitical terms but rather in Biblical terms. Quite frankly the Psalmist’s explanation is a far clearer perspective than any secular conceptions or suppositions. “Great Delusion” can be found at Yochana’s “Light And Dark” site page. 

The Psalmist asks "What Has It Come To? ... as the world seems to spiral and spiral down a path of what seems like pure insanity to some. History, Facts and Reality seem to matter no longer. We now live in a world of influence, lies, lawful immorality ... blessed be those who mourn ... blessed be those who desire an end to the madness! The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Tribulation” site page. 

The Psalmist dreams and draws: With “Falling” Yochana sends the warning cry against the nation that regales in personal freedom and pursuits while all along liberty is being defiled and snuffed out right beneath their noses. Sadly Lady Liberty is horribly tarnished becoming the banner for whoredom, treason and lawlessness. The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Tribulation” site page. 

Yochana senses patterns as the great hostage crisis continues. Years ago the Psalmist sent warning that the bloodshed would come from the south on the Mo’ed. But this hostage crisis may share more in common with the last Persian kidnapping of infamy and the players involved then. The counting of days is well under way and just maybe future good news may not be such a good sign after all. “Ode To Joy” can be found at Yochana’s “Tribulation” site page.  

February 2024 

The Psalmist plies a different gift ... this time one of sight and mystery. Putting pencil to paper in order to depict a sight within a dream ... a sight with buried clues that leads exposure to perhaps some overlooked players within this so called New World Order! The New World Order that is already "here"! The days of dreams and signs are upon us now ... should the seers and dreamers go silent? ... Heaven Forbid! "New World Order Blues" can be found at the “Tribulation” site page! ​​​​​​​

The Psalmist continues to "dream" and render sight in order to sound the alarm for days such as these. More importantly the Psalmist provides testimony that THE LORD is not yet silent ... that HE still gives counsel to HIS people ... if they will listen. Time to prepate ... No one shall be able to say "If only we knew"! "Dreaming" can be found at the “Tribulation” site page! ​​​​​​​

The Psalmist sends a reminder to all the rebels that stand against Israel ... that stand against YEHOVAH's people and plan. Of course this population segment was born for such rebellion and anti-Semetism, but all the same the warning is sent once again! Be careful how you choose and remember that there is no such thing as neutrality ... you are either with YEHOVAH or against HIM! How can all the so called Churches remain silent while Israel is openly rebuked by the Nations? "Fair Warning" can be found at the Psalmist's "Light And Dark" site page!

The Psalmist has blessed the visitors of this site yet again (praise THE LORD) with exclusive free streaming and download access to her 5th and latest released Album titled "Wings Like A Dove". The work comprises 9 inspired renditions of select Psalms as well as 3 additional pieces from Jeremiah, Isaiah and Numbers. There are no words that can be said to Yochana to adequately express the thanks for such gracious selfless contributions to this humble site over the years. But let our thanks be provided by way of prayers that the Psalmist's charge and gifts continue to yield glory for our GREAT ELOHIM ... bless YESHUAH forever and ever! The album can be can be found at Yochana's "Album MP3s" site page!

The Psalmist blesses us with another love song ... Yochana's messianic inspired rendition of "Mi Khamokha" serves as a sample of how the ancient Hebrew prayers fit perfectly with a faith that receives the glory of the SON ... YESHUA HaMashiach BEN ELOHIM! Ultimately YESHUA is the answer to the great question ... WHO is like THEE oh LORD ALMIGHTY? Please continue in prayer for the children and land of Israel and that the people (haAM) realize that their fate lies in the hands of THE LORD and that the GREAT GOEL is indeed YESHUA!

The inspired song has been provided for audio download and can be found at the Psalmist's "Album MP3s" site page! Additionally the song streams as a video and can be found at the "Psalmist's Heart" site page! 

January 2024 

The Psalmist's newly released single titled "Shabbat Queriah" has also been produced as a video experience ... it can be found on the Psalmist's Music site page and also streaming on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrBF_uPgoomFTF5e-842kD

The Psalmist peers way back to the time when time was not. Then from the Heavenly realm itself came I AM ... the big bang ... the beginning of this new realm! In this beautiful Chanukah inspired soul resonance the Psalmist condenses the great mysteries of human life, existence, metaphysics into one simple solution ... this being GREAT YESHUAH ... SON of ELOHIM! With this soul resonance the Psalmist helps us visualize the awesomeness of YESHUAH as declared by Yochanan ... "In Beginning THE WORD was next to ELOHIM and THE WORD was ELOHIM and there was nothing that came into being that was not made through and by HIM"! The "I AM" resonance can be found at the Psalmist's Mo'adim site page.

December 2023 

The Psalmist will not remain silent for Zion's sake and sends a message to all nations and peoples who would take away the promised land from the Jewish People ... who would wipe Israel off the map and destroy all the Jews. Surely this is not YEHOVAH's promise and this is not YESHUAH's promise. No doubt the "River to the Sea" will be chanted someday by the Jewish People when their inheritance ... when GOD's promise is realized in full! The Psalmist's new musical video "River To The Sea" can be found the at "End Times" site page! The Psalmist has also provided the song as a downloadable mp3 which can be found at the "Album MP3s" site page! Bless the Psalmist for the courage to stand up and be heard!

The Psalmist releases a new single titled "Shabbat Queriah"! An absolutely wonderful musical interpretation of the Sabbath experience! An experience of both descent and Aliyah ... a picture of the realms and the momentary mirror of reflecting and merging light between THE LORD and his people as he spreads himself as a curtain of light over us! The soul song can be found at the Psalmist's "Album MP3s" site page!

Updated version of the Psalmist's Message Book has been published. It can be found at Yochana's Soul Melodies main site page!

The Psalmist and her community continues the lengthy Aliyah through the inspired epistles of the Apostle Paul ... praise YESHUAH! Yochana has gifted us four new soul resonances which are described below and can be found at their respective site page references. There surely are many different perspectives and context the Psalmist brings to light in hopes of re-establishing Paul's manifesto ... gospel message! All glory to YEHOVAH!

Onesimus: The Psalmist’s heart melts with emotion over the story of the slave who would become a free man. As for our lovely Paulos … he simply sees the Torah and the difference between a bond servant and a slave … the difference between a son of Israel and a child of the nations … the difference between brotherly love and life as usual. For Philemon and Onesimus the time is nigh for Shmeitah or perhaps even adoption. The soul resonance can be found at the “Mysterious Beloveds” site page! 

Big Loser: In his letter to the Philippians our beloved Paul recounts his great heritage and upbringing … he declares himself to be a Hebrew of Hebrews. Yet as valuable as such is … Paul reveals that such is nothing compared to the knowledge of YESHUAH haMASHIACH … absolutely nothing! Although so many have misinterpreted Paul’s writings to imply that his Torah way of life was mull and void, the Psalmist believes Paul never intended to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The message is simple … halakha can’t save and halakha without transformation by GOD’s RUACH is little more than a show. According to Paul one needs to lay down everything for service to the KING! The soul resonance can be found at the “Mysterious Beloveds” site page! The soul resonance can be found at the “Mysterious Beloveds” site page! 

Self Defense: The Psalmist ponders Paul’s first captivity in Rome still further as he awaits his fate. He is there because of his bold Messianic faith and promulgation of the Gospel which continues to seriously irritate the non-believing Jews. But also we find how Paul continues to battle with purported Jewish believers and their continued dabbling into the mission to the Gentiles and insistence that their Jewish halakha is a requirement. Paul of course does not condemn halakha but in self-defense proves through the Torah how sin atonement and redemption comes only through the works of YESHUAH haMASHIACH! At the same time Paul does not give up on his brethren and exhorts them to deliver what is needed to the untrained Gentiles … exhorting them to be the “light”! The soul resonance can be found at the “Tribulation” site page! ​​​​​​​

The Shadow: The Psalmist takes a deep dive into the Book Of Hebrews exploring the shadows discussed by Paul. Shadows of things to come … shadows of things that are … shadows of things foretold long ago. Yochana points to Paul’s exhortation to his brethren to be not blind to things so evident. In light of the Temple destruction and dispersion of the Jewish People … Paul’s message should have been seen as YEHOVAH’s gift to Jacob … YEHOVAH did not leave Israel orphaned … their path to sin atonement as “shadowed” in Torah was revealed! … On Earth as it is in Heaven! The soul resonance can be found at the “Oh Israel” site page! 

At just the right time Yochana the Psalmist has released a new song "The Maccabees" just in time for Chanukah ... Praise YESHUAH. The new release has been graciously made available here for no cost streaming and download and can be found at the Psalmist's "Album MP3s" site page! To date the Psalmist has gifted nearly 8,000 free downloads of her inspired musical offerings from this website and many many more free streams. Let us praise our LORD in song and please pray that the Psalmist's resonant charge remains blessed ... that the light keeps on shining!

The Psalmist "waves" a spiritual offering to the GREAT YESHUAH while shedding light on that BIG-little mystery of the "ET" within Hebrew Scriptures ... of course known simply as the "Aleph Tav"! The Psalmist explores King David's Psalm 119 again seeing the Aliyah of Letters and Words while paying close attention to the messages seen and perhaps unseen. There are no coincidences and the Hebraic perspective proves once again to be the best means of exposing hidden treasures ... this time the Hidden MESSIAH! The "Aliayh Aleph Tav" soul resonance can be found at the “Light And Dark” site page! 

October 2023 

October 18th: The Psalmist moves forward again and the inspired writings of Paulos continue to be the subject of reflection. The Psalmist blesses us with four inspired messages!

Fools”: Yochana explores the nature of doctrine and halakha differences and debate amongst the followers of the Corinth Ecclesia. All the while it seems paramount to Paul that the real issues is the power of the Gospel and the ability to have it transform the heart and mind of the believer. Perhaps the issues at Corinth are not so separated from the issues in many so called Ecclesia(s) of today! 

The Soul Resonance can be found at the “Tribulation” site page! 

Law Of Faith”: The Psalmist targets the letter to Rome with this soul resonance setting sights on the issue of faith, righteousness and holiness. So … does the law of faith look righteous … does it look holy … does it look like both … or can it possibly look like neither? So what does the New Deal … Torah on the heart and inward parts look like? … Hmmm!  

The Soul Resonance can be found at the “Light And Dark” site page! 

This Thing Of Ours”: Focusing upon “Galatians” the Psalmist reflects on issues that remain prominent and even divisive today … issues such as Justification, the purpose of the Law, Jewish and Gentile believers. Here we find the Psalmist taking the conservative route and answering questions in a Hebraic perspective. The Psalmist raises questions as to Paul’s motives for delivering revelation in a crafty and at times potentially confusing manner. The Psalmist however does not find such to be confusing at all. Praise YESHUAH! 

The Soul Resonance can be found at the “Mysterious Beloveds” site page! 

Halakha”: The Psalmist in reviewing certain issues of debate surrounding Paul’s letters (his doctrine), appears to have discerned that perhaps there is confusion regarding Paul’s multi-meaning use of the word “law”. Perhaps the real stumbling block is not Torah … per se doctrine … but rather the elevation in some circles of “halakha” (religious practice) to be doctrine. The Psalmist proposes that Paul’s problems with so called Judaizers lies in their accompanying Nicolaitan halakha and over lording of the Ecclesia thereby once again enslaving the believers and the power of the Gospel. The Psalmist may be onto something very important here!  

The Soul Resonance can be found at the “Oh Israel” site page! 

September 2023

September 2nd: The Psalmist’s Aliyah churns continuously and now the inspired writings of Paulos, the great Emissary to the Gentiles, are brought into focus.  

It should be noted that Paul’s confirmed writings commence in or around 52 AD approximately16 years after his amazing journey to Damascus and miraculous conversion ... and after his first two missionary journeys.

It’s a difficult time for believers as Claudius has recently expelled all Jews from Rome amidst religious strife which the Roman Historian Suetonius states is due to one called “Chrestus” … and many other historians are of the opinion said declaration is a reference to “Christ”. Meanwhile outside of Rome, predominantly Gentile ekklesias, are struggling with issues related to: understanding, identity, doctrine, diversity of teaching and sadly in some instances traditional Jewish proselytizing going so far as to calling for mandatory circumcision for non-Jewish believers in YESHUAH! 

Undoubtedly the issues that early “ekklesias” faced (and still wrestle with today) are similar issues faced by Jews in the first century as the Gospel promulgated across the known world. Faith versus Holiness … Law versus Grace … Tradition versus Revelation … Jew versus Gentile … on and on!

In fact it can be safely declared that the writings of Paul, as interpreted by many so long ago and still today, serve to support much of if not most of modern day Christian doctrine. One can only conjecture what Paul would say to such? Hmmm!

In any event we can hopefully expect an inspired exploration of Paul’s writings as we travel on Aliyah with the Beloved Psalmist … and hopefully true to past form such exploration will be undertaken with a Hebraic Messianic perspective ... a perspective Paul would have certainly understood and expected those hearing his message to eventually understand. 


Thessalonika”: The Psalmist gets down to business while drinking the MILK and simplicity of the Good NEWS … RUACH HAKODESH | Resurrection | Grace | Eternal Life | YESHUAH’s Return | Deliverance-Salvation | G_D’s Faithfulness | Wrath of ELOHIM … but she also pries deeper, looking at issues such as “lawlessness”, “community labor”, “tradition”, and “holiness”.

Throughout Paul’s exhortations to the Thessalonians there are additionally some very straight forward instructional topics … Repentance | Tribulation | Love of brethren | Exhortation | Tsedakah | Separation | Minding your business | Taking care of your own self | Being patient with everyone as our LORD is patient with us!

Who considers such things today when looking at communities of believers?The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's "Light And Dark" site page! 

Genuine Agape”: Yochana considers “AGAPE” in Paul's first saved letter to the ekklesia at Corinth (penned approximately in 56 AD). In this letter Paul amazingly declares many things to not necessarily count as genuine love … things which most purported believers today would declare to be counted as love! As such there is the basic question: “What means this?”

The Psalmist provides some good food for thought with this lovely soul resonance and raises serious questions regarding the great commission … or rather the motives of individuals engaging in the so called great commission for what is kindness without the strength of truth? The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's "Light And Dark" site page! 

The Light”: The Psalmist tackles a point of strong contention (law and grace) within many purported believing circles and communities by paying close attention to Paul’s sample of the light upon the face of the great law giver Moses. The Psalmist reveals in a most enlightening fashion how both law and grace abound all the more for believers in and through YESHUAH! The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's "Oh Israel" site page! 

August 2023

August 4th: The Psalmist’s Aliyah continues and Yochana sets sight on the Book of Acts and gifts us with three inspired soul resonances which naturally are YESHUAH centric and provided to highlight HIS glory in all creation!  

Breathe”: The Psalmist displays a prowess in seeking the connections amidst G_D’s WORD. We see how more powerful the sacred text can be when the Greek is viewed in the same Hebraic context which the beloved writers intuitively utilized. “Breathe” explores the dynamic between the first human breath and the second human breath … if one be willing to receive such. Perhaps the tongues of fire at Shavu’ot were not the brightest flames being stoked! Perhaps the rushing wind experienced in the room was the rush of a new breath of life!

Ekklesia”: The Psalmist objectively ponders the “called out community” as it relates to what has commonly become known as “the church”. Long ago there were simply “Communities” … and then “Christians” and even then “Nazarenes”. So really what is different and what is similar? Ultimately the Psalmist leads us back to the Hebrew “qara” … G_D’s CALL and how in the end only all Israel shall be saved! Is there room for Ekklesia in the church? … Hmmm! 

Laying Hands”: Yochana considers the heritage of faith in YESHUAH from the perspective of laying hands, anointing, charging and imparting gifts. Sadly this great Apostolic heritage has waned over the course of time even to the point where a great number of believers consider the days of signs and wonders and charge and power to be a thing of the past. The Psalmist disagrees and the author of our faith and existence has a NAME that is WONDER! Surely GREAT YEHOVAH even more so will grant RUACH to those who ask for such with a humble and contrite heart.

The soul resonance messages can be found at the Psalmist's "Light And Dark" site page! 

July 2023

July 4th: Yochana the Psalmist appears to be on the move again navigating on Aliyah once more to the Gospels of GREAT YESHUAH. The Psalmist graciously gifts us with three soul resonances exhorting us all to look beyond the obvious … to consider relevant context … to see and hear with Hebraic eyes and ears … to ask what means such when dealing with what might seem simple … Shalom, Hospitality, and Yada as examples. The soul resonances can be found at Yochana’s “Light And Dark” site page.

"Ha-Shalom": The Psalmist Yochana revisits the GREAT REBBE YESHUAH’s sermon on the mount and the Beatitudes. The Psalmist discerns the path of an Aliyah while viewing the teaching in a collective context. The Psalmist does not see any abrogation of torah but rather the filling up of torah. The Psalmist sees the Aliyah of YESHUAH in doing the FATHER’S will and how HIS joy became complete … and how his joy may be complete in those who follow the Aliyah of YESHUAH.

So where is the joy without charge … without purpose … without testimony …without gift … without torah … without YESHUH? Where is the completeness … where is the “SHALOM” … where is HIS joy?

"Hospitality House": The Psalmist is inspired to explore, beyond a passing glance, the wonders experienced in Bethany (Beit Ani) during the times of YESHUAH. The Psalmist uncovers the details and testifies as to how at Bethany those from both Jerusalem and Qumran found badly needed comfort and provision. Bethany was a special place indeed … a place of hospitality where the least were treated with grace and mercy … a place where YESHUAH found comfort and provision … a place where YESHUAH found HOSPITALITY … a place which YESHUAH approved of as shown when Lazarus was raised from the dead! Praise YAH!

As for the Priests, Scribes and Pharisees … well it should come as no surprise that Lazarus (Eliezer) was raised up as another sign the religious leaders missed! They should have paid closer attention to the parable of Eliezer and the Rich Man for the parable and events at Bethany are indeed connected!

"The YADA": The Psalmist explores the seeds of faith … how understanding is planted from Heaven and not invoked by prowess of the mind, The knowing (YADA) simply is (HAYA) and such is sent! Yochana ponders how this is “experiential” and in essence the “remembrance”. So how can individuals seeing, hearing, knowing, and even testifying to the amazing hand of G_D be unmoved … be ignorant … or worse yet be unconvinced of that which was experienced?

Clearly YESHUAH was disheartened and confounded by the lack of faith and belief responsive to the hand of the FATHER which was manifest throughout all Israel wherever he walked and ministered. From the vile hatred of the religious leaders to even the walking away of disciples and dealing with those who were simply there for the food … it appears that “YADA” might not be such an easy thing to know!

"Born Whole": The Psalmist's interest is heightened regarding LORD YESHUA's declaration of how Yochanan the Immerser was the greatest man born to women. Greater than Elijah? Greater than Moshe? Greater than everyone? Assuredly our LORD is luring us into asking "What means this?" The Psalmist shares with us some very interesting perspectives. 

June 2023

June 18th: The Psalmist sets her sights on the Book of Zechariah (Zachar’YAH) as the Aliyah through the Prophets of Israel continues. True to form, the Psalmist yet again without hesitation sees and testifies to the direct line connections to the only one who matters … YESHUAH, who is all things. The Psalmist graciously shares three new soul resonances:  

The Trial: Yochana reveals the heavy and light … the literal and allegory which is at play in chapters three and four where we see Joshua being accused by haSatan. Yochana brings the obvious forward … the heavy … revealing this event in terms of YESHUAH’s formal trial before the foundations of the Earth were even formed. Amazingly YESHUAH is there in all righteous facets … the faithful Witness, High Priest, Builder of the House and as the great leveling Stone. The Psalmist makes a most compelling case! The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Oh Israel” site page.  

Judged Or Cursed?: The Psalmist surely does not appear to shy away from the enigmatic or mysterious elements found within The WORD. This soul resonance ponders the meaning of the great flying scroll and land of Shinar encountered in Chapter five. The Psalmist peels back the onion to connect the dots to Yochanan and the Judgments recorded in the Book of Revelation. Woe to Babylon indeed … woe to the wicked in all the Earth … woe to those who are judged and who swear! The curse shall fall upon them! The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Tribulation” site page.  

Horse Power: The Psalmist again asks “what means this? … this time regarding the horses and chariots encountered in chapter six. Is there any possibility that these are not connected to the horses encountered in the Book of Revelation? … The Psalmist answers definitively that these are connected in a significantly Messianic end time perspective. What is it about the “Shoot” and the authority to control and wield the horse power?  The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Tribulation” site page.  

Also note that previously the Psalmist released “One Giant Step” which is also relevant to the Book of Zechariah wherein the prophecy of Mashiach’s great return to fight for Israel in their day of battle against the nations is delivered.  The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Tribulation” site page. 

June 8th: An enhanced version of "YESHUA The Remembrance" consolidated gospels has been loaded up to the site. The file contains table of content links and can be found at the Bible Resources site page!

June 1st: Our Psalmist Yochana, with perfect Shavu'ot timing, explores the convergence of the Prophets Joel, Jonah and Obidah as manifest within the Book Of Acts. The Psalmist peers into the Judgment versus Mercy paradigm and sure enough a keen eye readily connects the Prophets to Acts in a profound and clear manner. It is all about YESHUAH ... the Spirit of Prophecy! The soul resonance titled "Prophets' Acts" can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page

May 2023

May 26th: The Psalmist Yochana, at such a time as this ... with Shavu'ot looming, continues to connect the dots from the Prophet Micah all the way to YESHUAH. With this inspiring insight titled "Your Torah", the Psalmist ponders the Torah of Samaria ... the Torah of Judah ... the Torah of even modern Israel and the seemingly confused state of the religious leaders and sadly the people. The message can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page.

May 19th: The Psalmist takes a much closer look at the Book of the Prophet Hosea ... exploring the Ephramite and Danite focus contained therein ... and of course as usual following the endless breadcrumbs provided for those who seek. What is the mystery of the 14 Tribes and the 14 Apostles? Perhaps inquiring minds would like to know? The soul resonance titled "Ephraim" can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page.

The Psalmist also shares insights into the Book of Amos ... into the mystery of generational transgression. Wherefore says the LORD that the sins of the parents don't cascade to the children ... yet the LORD also states that generations down to the fourth will be punished because of their fathers ... hmmm! Yochana provides us thought provoking insights leading to some very relevant outcomes for these days we live in. Perhaps the truth is as simple as the LORD will not tolerate idolatry and transgression to the 5th Generation? The soul resonance titled "Accountable" can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page.

May 12th: The Psalmist’s Message Book has been updated and includes hundreds of soul resonances recorded along the Aliyah. The downloadable PDF can be found at the Soul Melodies of Yochana site page! Todah Psalmist for all your labors!