Welcome one and all to the Mishpocha's home page. At this location you will find page links that will take you to a variety of other pages that contain specific contributions by members of my spiritual family ... my beloved in Mashiach Yeshua.

I anticipate that this section of the website will be under construction for a while as I reach out ... to exhort, implore and cajole my mishpocha to make contributions to my website. Although this will be the case you can see that you will still be able to access resources provided as they come on board. So it may start out small but it is intended to grow steadily.

If you are wondering what the deal is with a Mishpocha's Gift page ... I will explain.

I am a firm believer that each and every individual of Israel ... of the Body of Mashiach Yeshua is not devoid of talent, skills, gifts ... a.k.a.. value. I am also a firm believer that a critical role of Messianic communities beyond: general fellowship, teaching, comforting, guiding, etc. ... is the identification, development and prospering of individual gifts for G_D's glory as well as individual and communal blessing.

Ultimately I have seen far too many instances in my journeys wherein the purposefulness of individual community members is either taken for granted or not even systematically considered as fundamental to the development of Mashiach's faithful community.What I am discussing herein are the real gifts from G_D that are given abundantly to all believers. Gifts that are designed to make them purposeful for G_D ... not just for men ... or the believing community. Far too often we see communities not just fail to draw these gifts out but we see them even go so far as to suppress these gifts. My intent herein then is to make available my own website to individuals who are willing to share their gifts to the world ... for blessings and honor to G_D!

Let's face it brethren ... we all simply want to be useful members of G_D's Kingdom ... of Messiah's faithful community. We all have the obligation and privilege to bear witness to the truth of G_D's tender mercies in our own lives.

For my part I have always thought of this website as an us thing instead of a me thing. Well what better way of ensuring that this is a we thing than by bringing in some testimony from other mishpocha?

May you be blessed by their contributions.

Shalom Aleichem,

P. R. Otokletos