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You have reached the Book Resource site page for Messianic author P. R. Otokletos. Contained on the left navigation panel are links to the four books being made available to you ... a brief description for each work is provided below.

The works are being provided in "PDF" (portable document format) the most widely used format around the globe. All of the works contain linkable bookmarks for ease of navigation and should readily render and be usable on computers, mobile devices and tablets that run the Adobe Reader Application.

These books represent a decade long journey by the author into the "Things of ADONAI" and serve as a personal understanding of matters in a Hebraic perspective. Collectively these works cover diverse topics ranging from G_D's nature to the complexities of G_D's great plan for humanity as encapsulated and revealed within His sacred Mo'adim (Festivals).

There is a battle being waged beloved children of G_D ... a battle for the hearts and minds of people ... a battle between the powers and principalities which have temporarily been granted authority to wage war upon olam hazeh (this temporal world). Consequently if we are in a war it behooves us to realize who is against us and what our LORD has provided to us in way of armaments.

As should be expected there are assuredly propositions set forth within these works that will differ from many a pre-established/accepted thought streams and beliefs while conversely there are numerous aspects of these works that traditional believers in "The Christ" will readily agree with. The author in no way shape or form attests to the perfection of these works ... these works do not endeavor to create a new form of orthodoxy but rather present a perspective of "the things of G_D" in a broader Hebraic context wherein the understanding of G_D's Word uses far less philosophic throughputs and attempts to let "the text" speak for itself.

If nothing else ... let us all agree that pursuit of G_D through His Word ... through Mashiach Yeshua ... through His Ruach HaKodesh is a most worthy endeavor leadng us closer to HIM! Will we get everything correct ... of course not! But we can assuredly draw closer and realize that if our ponderings strengthen our relationship with ADONAI ... and reveal more of His glory to us ... then we most certainly have been blessed abundantly.

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Book Title #1: "The Biblical Festivals - Messiah's Aliyah Of Glory"

Description: This work details G_D's great plan for creation and humanity's restoration as revealed through the eternal Biblical Festivals (Mo'adim): HaShabbat-Sabbath ... Pesach-Passover ... Chag HaMatzot -Unleavened Bread ... Yom Habikkurim-First Fruits ... Shavu'ot-Weeks ... Yom Teru'ah-Trumpets ... Yom Hakippurim-Atonements ... and Sukkot-Tabernacles

In this work the Traditional and Messianic Hebraic perspectives relative to the Sacred Festivals are surfaced, discussed and reviewed in order to reveal the glory of ADONAI through the awesome fulfillment and perfection of the Festivals by, in and through Mashiach Yeshua. This work essentially reveals Yeshua's great "aliyah" (ascent) to glory and consequently the great aliyah of Mashiach's faithful community ... a.k.a.. Israel! ... Are we making our communal and personal aliyah?

Book Title #2: "Exposing Mystery Babylon- An Attack On Lawlessness "

Description: This work provides a broad sweeping overview of how G_D's adversary works against the children of men through confusion, lies and deceit to keep people from the truth of the Gospel Message and the Covenantal relationship offered by G_D. The work exposes the false framework of wisdom woven into this temporal world (olam hazeh) and the solution for humanity (Grace and Torah) provided by ADONAI through Yeshua HaMashiach. This work undertakes a broad overview of the Torah Mitzvot (Commandments) within a Messianic context provided to us by Yeshua ... The Master Rebbe!

At the end of the day we are either of this temporal world or not ... this work confronts the basic question of what this really means!

Book title #3: "The Seven Churches Of Asia - The Path Of The Chosen People Revealed"

Description: This work provides a Hebraic look into the Revelation of Yeshua respective to the seven church messages found in the Book Of Revelation. Exposed is the prophesied historical path of the Earthly Church traveled throughout the last 2000 years. See how the Church has failed to heed the prophetic warnings so mercifully provided and drifted from its Scripturally ordained Hebraic roots because of political and cultural influences. The work answers the great question of the ages posed by Revelation: "How and why did it come to this?"

Book title #4: "Hebrew Prayer - The Resonance Of Saints"

Description: This work, the fourth full length book from the author, provides a broad sweeping overview of Hebraic Prayer in a traditional mainstream Jewish as well as a Messianic Judaism or Hebrew Roots perspective. Within this work, Hebraic prayer is viewed within a Tanakh and B'rit Chadasha perspective culminating with the revelation that Yeshua (Jesus) is in fact not just the object and objective of Hebraic ritual and dynamic personal prayer ... but also the very resonance of the saints!

May these works prove to be as much a blessing for others in taking them in as they were for the author!

Shalom Aleichem ... P.R. Otokletos