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October 2019

October 6th: With her soul resonance, "House Love", Yochana reaches out to all the faithful communities and families pulled away from the "system" ... from the "Nicolatians"! You are surely not alone and you are surely blessed; as were the house communities where the Talmidim of YESHUAH ended up finding the bastions of real and living faith.

Yochana with a soul resonance titled "Pilgrimage Road" provides us with a stark look at the various and diverse pilgrimage journeys undertaken throughout the world... Including those taken by purported believers of the GOD of Abraham. It sure seems like a very sordid road indeed! So where will your journey take you and where is that high place you are seeking? 

The two messages can be found at the Psalmist's "Light and Dark" page. 

Our dear sister Y'hudit blesses us abundantly with three lovely inspired Mo'ed drawings: "Pesach Wonder"; "Shavu'ot WORDS"; and "Tishrei Aliyah". Tis our season that we consider the now and the road traveled throughout the entire Mo'adim Cycle ... may you all be blessed with these beautiful visualizations!

August 2019

August 25th: The Psalmist raises up a soul song for YESHUAH ... a remembrance and tribute of HIS LIGHT encapsulated for all time in the Feast of Chankkah ... the Mo'ed! "Shir Chanukkah" can be found on the Psalmist's Music site page under the Mo'adim category.  

The lovely Psalmist continues to pour out her "song" of tribute and love to our Messiah YESHUAH. With "Aliyah of Glory" Yochana reveals deep insights into the mystery of YESHUAH's great journey manifested in the entire Sacred Feasts of Israel! A fitting tribute to G_D indeed! The soul song can be found on the Psalmist's Music site page under the Mo'adim category.  

Continuing on her relentless charge Yochana blesses us with her soul song titled "David's Fortress" where the Psalmist expresses her joyful expectation of King David's restoration to Tzion when our beloved YESHUAH returns to rule! The Psalmist sings to THE Psalmist! Barukh HaSHEM! The soul song can be found on the Psalmist's Heart site page.   

August 20th: Yochana provides us with a deeply introspective look at being born again with this "Water and Spirit" song. So how closely have we really looked at what Scripture reveals about such? The song can be found on the Psalmist's Music site page under the Mysterious Beloveds category. 

August 13th: Our Psalmist Yochana has us begin our preparation for the upcoming Days of Repentance (T'shuvah) with some words of wisdom and foolishness and life from a most credible source. "The Collector" can be found on the Tribulation site page ... can you solve the riddles?

The Psalmist also provides us with a lovely soul resonance "L'Dor V'Dor" revealing, via clues, the awesome hand of the LORD throughout history as defined within the mysteries of the generations. Who doth seek the truth? The riddle can be found on the Oh Israel site page!

The Psalmist's "Book Of Messages" has been updated and can be found on Yochana's Soul Melodies home page!
July 2019

July 29th: The Psalmist delivers a a broad sweeping and wonderful view of our dear Yeshuah's "Aliyah Of Glory" as mysteriously revealed within the Biblical Appointed Times. Is Yeshuah all things ... of course HE is ... even all times appointed!

The Psalmist also gifts us with a lovely and inspirational tribute to the wonderful and holy Shabbat. This soulful resonance "HaShabbat" exhorts us to see the glory of Messiah Yeshuah in and as the Seventh Day ... Sar Shalom indeed!

Both inspired resonances can be found Psalmist's Resonances "Mo'adim" site page. Let us give thanks to the LORD for such lovely gifts! 

July 16th: Yochana resonates in lovely fashion the special relationship between Yochanan the Beloved and YESHUA and how the disciple's special Gospel elements reveal YESHUA as G_D! "Aliyah With G_D" is a journey we all should be on! The resonance can be found on the Psalmist's "Oh Israel" page.

Continuing in what must be a SPIRIT filled Shavu'ot experience ... Yochana reaches deep in revealing this inspiring message which pays tribute to the very SPIRIT of YESHUAH ... the Comforter ... Wisdom ... the lovely Sister and Bride! With "Build The House" the Psalmist provides a stunning and heart warming message for those being indwelt by GOD through YESHUAH! The resonance can be found on the Psalmist's "Light and Dark" page.

July 15th: Yochana the Psalmist provides us with a wonderful look at spiritual rebirth with a lovely resonance titled "Sweet Nicodemus" ​​​​​​​... an absolute must listen to! Praise G_D! The resonance can be found on the Psalmist's "Light and Dark" page.