Recent Updates: Here you will find a summary listing of changes/updates so that you can quickly understand what if any changes/additions have been made to the website without having to poke around and or waste your valuable time!
These changes are anticipated to remain posted for roughly 60 - 120 days!

December 2017

December 10th - Yochana the Psalmist reveals three more latter day messages  titled "Princes of Tyre" ... "Old Hatred" and "Arise Dry Bones". These messages are rooted in the prophecies of Ezekiel and the Psalmist continues on her aliyah ... continues on her mission to send the warning of the prophets. These messages speak of the patterns within G_D's WORD which are playing out today ... right before our eyes ... is there anyone out there who will hear and heed the cry of the beloved Psalmist Yochana bat Tzion? Sh'ma Yisrael!

Y'hudit the visionary sends us two visual resonances. "Sinking Ship" is a stark warning that judgment is commencing and that many are bound for the pit. Conversely "Love Resonance" paints a portrait of how G_D's awesome WORD as frightening and mysterious as it can be ... is also a message of hope and love ... a resonance of a pleasant voice whispering love into the ears and soul. 

November 2017

November 14th - Yochana the Psalmist releases an alarming message titled "Against Israel" ... bringing into remembrance Ezekiel's message from The LORD against HIS wayward children, city and land. It appears the Psalmist is reissuing the Prophet's warning of judgment to come in the latter days. Oh please remnant ... see Mashiach YESHUA before it is to late! Oh how the Psalmist does hurt!

November 7th - Yochana the Psalmist sends another message ... this one titled "Oh Israel" ... a hard message for Israel as the time of our LORD's fury has come and the patterns of siege against the rebelling children of Israel and the land shall repeat! Let us all pray for the people and the land ... oy vey!

November 7th - Y'hudit provides us with a stark reminder of the distractions we are confronted with on a regular basis in her new drawing titled "The Wrong Stuff" and how we have choices in life ... and how these choices make us accountable before G_D!

November 1st - our visionary artist Y'hudit provides us with a new inspired drawing ... titled "Delusional Sleep" and she does so with both a warning and exhortation! Please rank and file church goers ... purported believers shall be dealt with first ... awaken!

November 1st - the Psalmist Yochana draws our attention back to the prophet Daniel ... bringing into remembrance the "4th Kingdom" with a discerning look regarding these latter days and the fate of people who worship themsleves through the notion of self-determination ... may G_D be merciful!

October 2017

October 28th - our visionary artist Y'hudit provides us with two new inspired drawings ... both of which are latter day related and worthy of contemplation. The renderings are titled "Send The Message" and "Woe To Man" respectively. Just imagine Yochanan the talmid considering the vision of the beast arising out of the water ... oh the sheer emptiness and dread!

October 28th - the Psalmist Yochana gifts us with her own personal exhortation to our YESHUA ... to come and pull Jerusalem out of its defilement and send forth righteousness from the Holy City. The resonance is titled "Jerusalem-Jerusalem".

October 16h - the site page for Yochana's Soul Melodies has been changed ... a new subsite page has been added to house the the recent "latter day" resonant messages coming from Yochana. All the content provided by our Psalmist remains ... it has just been separated for ease of navigation and to reflect the special charge given to the Psalmist in these days.

Please note as well that on the 16th two new resonances were also added. One titled "Yirat HaSHEM" found on Yochana's main soul melody page and the second titled "666 - What's In A Name". Both resonances are provided in written and audio formats ... may we all be blessed and as always our deepest thanks to Yochana who continues to resonate for our benefit and blessing.

October 8th - our visionary artist provides us with sight of things past, present and future. With great kindness Y'hudit bat Tzion has gifted to us numerous (9) pictures ... seemingly painting a single portrait of the beginning to the end! A wondrous outpouring and prayers to our LORD that others be blessed abundantly!

October 8th - our Psalmist Yochana presents us with a stirring question with "Witnesses" ... "What are we looking for in the two witnesses of Revelation ... are we even prepared to see them ... the two ... or more? Hmmm!

‚ÄčOn the 1st our Psalmist Yochana gifted us with two more resonances (she continues to pour out) ... they are titled "Servant Resonance" and "Counting" respectively. These new resonances are available in both written and audio formats. Yochana continues to cry out to the beloved sealed ones as the days become shorter and on a personal Psalmist's note ... reflects upon the aliyah which counts each of our days ... learned from a beloved in arms ... Daveed!