Recent Updates: Here you will find a summary listing of changes/updates so that you can quickly understand what if any changes/additions have been made to the website without having to poke around and or waste your valuable time!
These changes are anticipated to remain posted for roughly 60 - 120 days!

April 2021

April 14th: The Psalmist confronts the times we live in with a stark warning to those who believe that man will save them ... that their lives will be saved through human ingenuity. With the new soul resonance titled "The Lie" Yochana stands in the gap and fights back against a corrupt and wicked generation! The soul resonance can be found at the "Tribulation" site page.

In great contrast to "The Lie" ... Yochana turns the tables to reveal the hearts of the real believers ... those smitten by GREAT YESHUAH ... those who go beyond the command ... those who chase THE LORD! "The Cleaving" reveals the Psalmist's love struck heart ... may it be so for all who claim to saved by YESHUAH! The Cleaving can be found at the "Light And Dark" site page.

Y'hudit gifts us with a new inspired drawing which I have titled "Cleaving", which is exactly what Magdala was doing when visiting the tomb ... when she attempted to grab onto YESHUAH. Praise THE LORD! The new visual can be found on Y'hudit's page under the "Mishpocha's Gifts" site page.

March 2021

March 26th: The Psalmist ponders how a believer makes oath with ELOHIM in light of LORD YESHUAH'S command not to swear! Could it be that the days of the Nazarites are over. With the new soul resonance titled "The Vow" Yochana sends out a message of hope AND dedication!

February 2021

February 24th: The Psalmist kicks into high gear yet again as special times and seasons approach. Just in time for Purim, Yochana releases two new soul resonances: "Blood" and "Living Stones".  "Blood" gives us an inside perspective as to how the Psalmist sees GREAT YESHUAH's perfect blood within the auspices of the Everlasting Covenant ... how HIS blood is simply "real life"! "Living Stones" appears to be deeply connected as the Psalmist provides keen insights into the "Blood", the "Water" and THE "Spirit" ... also as well through a uniquely Covenantal perspective. The soul resonances of the Psalmist can be found at the "Light And Dark" site page. Praise YESHUAH indeed!

January 2021

January 3rd: The Psalmist apparently was not done with Chanukkah yet ... as she basks in the light and joy while pondering those Chanukkah moments of indwelling which overtook Miriam when THE SPIRIT delivered YESHUAH into her womb! "WONDERFUL" is assuredly a wonderful soul resonance. The inspired message can be found at the Psalmist's Resonances main site page. Surely this belongs with the Beloveds' collection!