Recent Updates: Here you will find a summary listing of changes/updates so that you can quickly understand what if any changes/additions have been made to the website without having to poke around and or waste your valuable time!
These changes are anticipated to remain posted for roughly 60 - 120 days!

July 2018

July 26th ... Yochana is at it again. The Psalmist delivers a great exhoration to the Elect with this new song titled "Song Of The Saints". What a great lift ... and a catchy tune if the truth be told. Baruch HaSHEM!

The Psalmist also releases a new message ... "Sin Of Jeroboam" ... a startling warning to the Jewish Diaspora community to leave Israel alone and stop working against the will of HaSHEM and Mashiach YESHUAH!

July 22nd ... The Psalmist gives us a heart stirring rendition of Psalm 62 ... "Silently Awaiting For G_D". It is a definite do not miss. Barukh HaSHEM!

The Psamist's Book of Messages has been updated (please do seek and pursue the mysteries and revelations contained therein - it is worth the "aliyah")! And priase G_D Yochana has provided the sheet music to all of her songs ... "Book of Songs" ... if you can play have at it. Todah Rabbah Yochana!

July 17th ... The Psalmist Yochana is back at it with another "enigmatic message" ... titled "Wandering Aramean". This lovely resonance asks and ponders a great question: "What of Abraham's Promised Inheritance" ... the entire inheritiance and not just that portion dedicated to Jacob? It is certainly worth the few minutes to receive but then there is no telling how much time thereafter to really ponder and pursue ... hmmm! Our Psalmist is on quite the roll ... Praise YESHUAH ... dare i say it ... The KING of Aram!

July 5th ... The Psalmist Yochana presents us with two new resonant messages: "What They Knew" a bold insight into King David's understanding of what would RESIDE behind the veil and "Spirit of Elijah" a most wonderful and robust perspective connecting Elijah and John The Baptist to YESHUAH! If you love the LORD then these are for you! These two inspirational messages can be found on the End Day Messages tab under Yochana's Soul Melodies.

Additionally "See as G_D Sees" was "reloaded" after being mistakenly removed from the Psalmist's site section. This lovely resonance can be found under the "Beloved's Plea" tab. Apologies to any visitors not able to find this resonance.

July 2nd ... The Psalmist Yochana blesses us with two new musical resonances ... Psalm 103 (Bless The LORD) and Psalm 56 (G_D is for Me). Our prolific Psalmist continues pouring out inspired songs and messages ... Barukh HaSHEM and may all who hear these moving testimonials be blessed abundantly ... and moved!

Our visionary artist and seer Y'hudit has blessed us with a variety of thought provoking drawings ... so lovely. The drawings are referencing Psalm 56 ... Ephesians ... Malachi and the Gospel of Mashiach! The Aliyah continues in strength ... please enjoy and be be blessed.

June 2018

June 17th ... The Psalmist Yochana's section of this website has been completely updated. The Psalmist's music has been added as well as many new "resonances" comprising messages and introspective heart felt movements. The content has been updated to multimedia formats and reorganized to more appropriately present the Psalmist's latter day outpouring. May you be blessed and all glory and honor to our LORD YESHUAH ... the GREAT ONE of Israel and all the Earth!