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September 2021

September 10th: The scribe ends the silence on the eve of the 20th year anniversary of another date that will live in infamy. "Jihad II" is a stark commentary on these later days we hope to survive. Sadly the unholy war being waged now is far more nefarious and dangerous than anything radical Islam could ever hope to muster. The commentary can be found on the Scribe's Commentaries site page. 

August 2021

August 29th: Yochana the Psalmist is on a roll leading up to the DAYS of AWE ... leading up to the year ending Mo'ed cycle! ... Can we sense and feel the patterns of the Psalmist's rhythms?

With "Last Words" The Psalmist draws remembrance to the final words of King David. Words so often overlooked by sages and believers ... but not by the GREAT YESHUAH! The soul resonance just drips with the glistening dew of Mashiach! The message can be found at the "Oh Israel" site page. 

Oh Israel ... where be thine ears to hear and eyes to see? This is the cry of the Psalmist Yochana as the days dwindle. Thou were not meant to be blind forever! "Blind" is yet another exhortation sent from the Psalmist ... won't you heed the love call? The soul resonance can be found at the "Oh Israel" site page. 

Yochana shares with all the world the resonance of the Sabbath Call ... "Shabbat Queriah"! Not just any old "sound of music" for sure ... but a true soul resonance to be experienced in very special ways! The soul resonance can be found at the "Mo'adim" site page.

An updated version of the Psalmist's Message Book containing all the latter day messianic messages can be found at the The Soul Melodies of Yochana main site page! ... Praise YESHUAH forever and ever! 
August 2nd: Yochana pays tribute to the life and times of the Prophet Samuel with a message titled "EL Has Heard" ... showing us the lovely portrait he is of the GREAT YESHUAH. From his miraculous birth to his rise from the grave. The soul resonance message can be found at the "Oh Israel" site page.

July 2021

July 30th: The Psalmist ponders that great old question of free will and choice ... as she always does ... through a discussion with the Scriptures. Free choice is real and consequential. With this new soul resonance Yochana challenges all purported believers to consider "The Choice"! The message can be found at the "Light And Dark" site page. 

June 2021

June 29th:Our Psalmist Yochana cries out to "The ROCK" "sela" while trying to STAND against the rising tides of tribulation with another inspired soul resonance. Help YESHUAH help comes the cries of the beloveds! The "STAND" can be found at the "Tribulation" site page.

June 13th:The Psalmist ponders what it means for believers considering how our LORD has twice left us on our own to fight for the inheritance. Once when leaving as the GREAT PILLAR of the wilderness and once when ascending to GLORY after HIS all inspiring resurrection. What should be a believer's response to "redemption"? The new soul resonance titled "Ha GO'EL" can be found on the "Light And Dark" site page.

June 2nd: The Psalmist sounds off against the coercion to become vaccinated with a new soul resonance titled "Call Of The Wild", Yochana  exhorts believers to stand their ground ... chazk chazak beloved ones for it is time to "stand"! The soul resonance can be found at the "Tribulation" site page.