Recent Updates: Here you will find a summary listing of changes/updates so that you can quickly understand what if any changes/additions have been made to the website without having to poke around and or waste your valuable time!
These changes are anticipated to remain posted for roughly ninety days!

June 2017

On June 20th our esteemed and wise Elder Nogahshem posted a new commentary titled "Resonate". In this brief but very poignant expose, our Elder reveals the power of resonance - the power of emitting the relationship with G_D to others. It is a powerful message and I hope that others find the wisdom in this writing and receive blessings as I have.

On the 19th Yochana the Psalmist posted a new resonance ... a psalm titled "The First Love". In this work Yochana reveals how she experiences the soul love; a love that exists on it's own; a love that is from before time. It is quite lovely and assuredly a love which we should all yearn to experience.

May 2017

On the 31st Yochana issued another call to those stuck in Laodicea. Oh please do listen to the Psalmist's urging ... please do send this message out freely ... maybe just maybe someone destined to hear shall indeed hear.

On the 24th Spirit Prayer was uploaded to Yochana's Soul Melodies section. This inspired resonance pleading for HaRUACH from our LORD comes just in time for the fast approaching Mo'ed of Shavu'ot ... Barukh HaSHEM! May all who visit this site be blessed in season!

On the 22nd Psalm 59 was uploaded to Yochana's Soul Melodies section. Let us praise our LORD for the Psalmist as of late has been extremely prolific in outpouring. Perhaps the counting of the Omer in preparation for Shavu'ot has something to do with the Psalmist's inspiration ... hmmm!

On the 11th the Psalmist's Song was uploaded to Yochana's Soul Melodies section. Another most lovely resonant outpouring from our Psalmist ... Barukh HaSHEM ... Praise Yeshua!

On the 1st a new message with resonance from the Psalmist Yochana was uploaded. It is titled "Love Storm" and there is little other way to describe this than "wow"! Once this resonance is heard it is hard not to just want to be "in-love" with G_D like this. Come Yeshua come!

Yochana was also gracious to provide a resonance for a previously released Psalm titled "In Your Courts" ... it as well is just so lovely!

April 2017

On the 19th three more messages and resonances were posted from our sister Yochana ... These include a Psalm 57 melody, a message from The Bride and a warning about "The System"! As is the case with Yochana's other soul melodies - it would behoove visitors to this site to take the opportunity and take in these resonances. 

On the 6th Yochana graciously provided two new audio resonances ... a rendition of Psalm 42 along with a special message to those awaiting departure from Babylon. Please do not miss the opportunity to be blessed by these soulful outpourings ... there assuredly will be no disappointment.