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September 2023

September 2nd: The Psalmist’s Aliyah churns continuously and now the inspired writings of Paulos, the great Emissary to the Gentiles, are brought into focus.  

It should be noted that Paul’s confirmed writings commence in or around 52 AD approximately16 years after his amazing journey to Damascus and miraculous conversion ... and after his first two missionary journeys.

It’s a difficult time for believers as Claudius has recently expelled all Jews from Rome amidst religious strife which the Roman Historian Suetonius states is due to one called “Chrestus” … and many other historians are of the opinion said declaration is a reference to “Christ”. Meanwhile outside of Rome, predominantly Gentile ekklesias, are struggling with issues related to: understanding, identity, doctrine, diversity of teaching and sadly in some instances traditional Jewish proselytizing going so far as to calling for mandatory circumcision for non-Jewish believers in YESHUAH! 

Undoubtedly the issues that early “ekklesias” faced (and still wrestle with today) are similar issues faced by Jews in the first century as the Gospel promulgated across the known world. Faith versus Holiness … Law versus Grace … Tradition versus Revelation … Jew versus Gentile … on and on!

In fact it can be safely declared that the writings of Paul, as interpreted by many so long ago and still today, serve to support much of if not most of modern day Christian doctrine. One can only conjecture what Paul would say to such? Hmmm!

In any event we can hopefully expect an inspired exploration of Paul’s writings as we travel on Aliyah with the Beloved Psalmist … and hopefully true to past form such exploration will be undertaken with a Hebraic Messianic perspective ... a perspective Paul would have certainly understood and expected those hearing his message to eventually understand. 


Thessalonika”: The Psalmist gets down to business while drinking the MILK and simplicity of the Good NEWS … RUACH HAKODESH | Resurrection | Grace | Eternal Life | YESHUAH’s Return | Deliverance-Salvation | G_D’s Faithfulness | Wrath of ELOHIM … but she also pries deeper, looking at issues such as “lawlessness”, “community labor”, “tradition”, and “holiness”.

Throughout Paul’s exhortations to the Thessalonians there are additionally some very straight forward instructional topics … Repentance | Tribulation | Love of brethren | Exhortation | Tsedakah | Separation | Minding your business | Taking care of your own self | Being patient with everyone as our LORD is patient with us!

Who considers such things today when looking at communities of believers?The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's "Light And Dark" site page! 

Genuine Agape”: Yochana considers “AGAPE” in Paul's first saved letter to the ekklesia at Corinth (penned approximately in 56 AD). In this letter Paul amazingly declares many things to not necessarily count as genuine love … things which most purported believers today would declare to be counted as love! As such there is the basic question: “What means this?”

The Psalmist provides some good food for thought with this lovely soul resonance and raises serious questions regarding the great commission … or rather the motives of individuals engaging in the so called great commission for what is kindness without the strength of truth? The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's "Light And Dark" site page! 

The Light”: The Psalmist tackles a point of strong contention (law and grace) within many purported believing circles and communities by paying close attention to Paul’s sample of the light upon the face of the great law giver Moses. The Psalmist reveals in a most enlightening fashion how both law and grace abound all the more for believers in and through YESHUAH! The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's "Oh Israel" site page! 

August 2023

August 4th: The Psalmist’s Aliyah continues and Yochana sets sight on the Book of Acts and gifts us with three inspired soul resonances which naturally are YESHUAH centric and provided to highlight HIS glory in all creation!  

Breathe”: The Psalmist displays a prowess in seeking the connections amidst G_D’s WORD. We see how more powerful the sacred text can be when the Greek is viewed in the same Hebraic context which the beloved writers intuitively utilized. “Breathe” explores the dynamic between the first human breath and the second human breath … if one be willing to receive such. Perhaps the tongues of fire at Shavu’ot were not the brightest flames being stoked! Perhaps the rushing wind experienced in the room was the rush of a new breath of life!

Ekklesia”: The Psalmist objectively ponders the “called out community” as it relates to what has commonly become known as “the church”. Long ago there were simply “Communities” … and then “Christians” and even then “Nazarenes”. So really what is different and what is similar? Ultimately the Psalmist leads us back to the Hebrew “qara” … G_D’s CALL and how in the end only all Israel shall be saved! Is there room for Ekklesia in the church? … Hmmm! 

Laying Hands”: Yochana considers the heritage of faith in YESHUAH from the perspective of laying hands, anointing, charging and imparting gifts. Sadly this great Apostolic heritage has waned over the course of time even to the point where a great number of believers consider the days of signs and wonders and charge and power to be a thing of the past. The Psalmist disagrees and the author of our faith and existence has a NAME that is WONDER! Surely GREAT YEHOVAH even more so will grant RUACH to those who ask for such with a humble and contrite heart.

The soul resonance messages can be found at the Psalmist's "Light And Dark" site page! 

July 2023

July 4th: Yochana the Psalmist appears to be on the move again navigating on Aliyah once more to the Gospels of GREAT YESHUAH. The Psalmist graciously gifts us with three soul resonances exhorting us all to look beyond the obvious … to consider relevant context … to see and hear with Hebraic eyes and ears … to ask what means such when dealing with what might seem simple … Shalom, Hospitality, and Yada as examples. The soul resonances can be found at Yochana’s “Light And Dark” site page.

"Ha-Shalom": The Psalmist Yochana revisits the GREAT REBBE YESHUAH’s sermon on the mount and the Beatitudes. The Psalmist discerns the path of an Aliyah while viewing the teaching in a collective context. The Psalmist does not see any abrogation of torah but rather the filling up of torah. The Psalmist sees the Aliyah of YESHUAH in doing the FATHER’S will and how HIS joy became complete … and how his joy may be complete in those who follow the Aliyah of YESHUAH.

So where is the joy without charge … without purpose … without testimony …without gift … without torah … without YESHUH? Where is the completeness … where is the “SHALOM” … where is HIS joy?

"Hospitality House": The Psalmist is inspired to explore, beyond a passing glance, the wonders experienced in Bethany (Beit Ani) during the times of YESHUAH. The Psalmist uncovers the details and testifies as to how at Bethany those from both Jerusalem and Qumran found badly needed comfort and provision. Bethany was a special place indeed … a place of hospitality where the least were treated with grace and mercy … a place where YESHUAH found comfort and provision … a place where YESHUAH found HOSPITALITY … a place which YESHUAH approved of as shown when Lazarus was raised from the dead! Praise YAH!

As for the Priests, Scribes and Pharisees … well it should come as no surprise that Lazarus (Eliezer) was raised up as another sign the religious leaders missed! They should have paid closer attention to the parable of Eliezer and the Rich Man for the parable and events at Bethany are indeed connected!

"The YADA": The Psalmist explores the seeds of faith … how understanding is planted from Heaven and not invoked by prowess of the mind, The knowing (YADA) simply is (HAYA) and such is sent! Yochana ponders how this is “experiential” and in essence the “remembrance”. So how can individuals seeing, hearing, knowing, and even testifying to the amazing hand of G_D be unmoved … be ignorant … or worse yet be unconvinced of that which was experienced?

Clearly YESHUAH was disheartened and confounded by the lack of faith and belief responsive to the hand of the FATHER which was manifest throughout all Israel wherever he walked and ministered. From the vile hatred of the religious leaders to even the walking away of disciples and dealing with those who were simply there for the food … it appears that “YADA” might not be such an easy thing to know!

"Born Whole": The Psalmist's interest is heightened regarding LORD YESHUA's declaration of how Yochanan the Immerser was the greatest man born to women. Greater than Elijah? Greater than Moshe? Greater than everyone? Assuredly our LORD is luring us into asking "What means this?" The Psalmist shares with us some very interesting perspectives. 

June 2023

June 18th: The Psalmist sets her sights on the Book of Zechariah (Zachar’YAH) as the Aliyah through the Prophets of Israel continues. True to form, the Psalmist yet again without hesitation sees and testifies to the direct line connections to the only one who matters … YESHUAH, who is all things. The Psalmist graciously shares three new soul resonances:  

The Trial: Yochana reveals the heavy and light … the literal and allegory which is at play in chapters three and four where we see Joshua being accused by haSatan. Yochana brings the obvious forward … the heavy … revealing this event in terms of YESHUAH’s formal trial before the foundations of the Earth were even formed. Amazingly YESHUAH is there in all righteous facets … the faithful Witness, High Priest, Builder of the House and as the great leveling Stone. The Psalmist makes a most compelling case! The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Oh Israel” site page.  

Judged Or Cursed?: The Psalmist surely does not appear to shy away from the enigmatic or mysterious elements found within The WORD. This soul resonance ponders the meaning of the great flying scroll and land of Shinar encountered in Chapter five. The Psalmist peels back the onion to connect the dots to Yochanan and the Judgments recorded in the Book of Revelation. Woe to Babylon indeed … woe to the wicked in all the Earth … woe to those who are judged and who swear! The curse shall fall upon them! The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Tribulation” site page.  

Horse Power: The Psalmist again asks “what means this? … this time regarding the horses and chariots encountered in chapter six. Is there any possibility that these are not connected to the horses encountered in the Book of Revelation? … The Psalmist answers definitively that these are connected in a significantly Messianic end time perspective. What is it about the “Shoot” and the authority to control and wield the horse power?  The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Tribulation” site page.  

Also note that previously the Psalmist released “One Giant Step” which is also relevant to the Book of Zechariah wherein the prophecy of Mashiach’s great return to fight for Israel in their day of battle against the nations is delivered.  The soul resonance can be found at Yochana’s “Tribulation” site page. 

June 8th: An enhanced version of "YESHUA The Remembrance" consolidated gospels has been loaded up to the site. The file contains table of content links and can be found at the Bible Resources site page!

June 1st: Our Psalmist Yochana, with perfect Shavu'ot timing, explores the convergence of the Prophets Joel, Jonah and Obidah as manifest within the Book Of Acts. The Psalmist peers into the Judgment versus Mercy paradigm and sure enough a keen eye readily connects the Prophets to Acts in a profound and clear manner. It is all about YESHUAH ... the Spirit of Prophecy! The soul resonance titled "Prophets' Acts" can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page

May 2023

May 26th: The Psalmist Yochana, at such a time as this ... with Shavu'ot looming, continues to connect the dots from the Prophet Micah all the way to YESHUAH. With this inspiring insight titled "Your Torah", the Psalmist ponders the Torah of Samaria ... the Torah of Judah ... the Torah of even modern Israel and the seemingly confused state of the religious leaders and sadly the people. The message can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page.

May 19th: The Psalmist takes a much closer look at the Book of the Prophet Hosea ... exploring the Ephramite and Danite focus contained therein ... and of course as usual following the endless breadcrumbs provided for those who seek. What is the mystery of the 14 Tribes and the 14 Apostles? Perhaps inquiring minds would like to know? The soul resonance titled "Ephraim" can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page.

The Psalmist also shares insights into the Book of Amos ... into the mystery of generational transgression. Wherefore says the LORD that the sins of the parents don't cascade to the children ... yet the LORD also states that generations down to the fourth will be punished because of their fathers ... hmmm! Yochana provides us thought provoking insights leading to some very relevant outcomes for these days we live in. Perhaps the truth is as simple as the LORD will not tolerate idolatry and transgression to the 5th Generation? The soul resonance titled "Accountable" can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page.

May 12th: The Psalmist’s Message Book has been updated and includes hundreds of soul resonances recorded along the Aliyah. The downloadable PDF can be found at the Soul Melodies of Yochana site page! Todah Psalmist for all your labors!

March 2023

March 23rd: The Psalmist’s Aliyah through THE WORD has brought Yochana back to the Book of Ezekiel and this time around there is no shortage of soul resonances or surprises. With a keen eye for patterns and connections, the Psalmist shines the light upon so many similarities between Ezekiel and John of Revelation acclaim … their situations … their messages … their prophetic visions … their visitation by G_D!

Assuredly both Prophets are steeped in tribulation but one may be surprised as to how this “haya” between them is so naturally complimentary and together paint a far more detailed picture of the times that are and will soon come to fulfillment.

And of course the Psalmist does not disappoint as she applies a consistent Messianic perspective making sure that THE WORD is discerned through a thoroughly YESHUAH lens! Praise YESHUAH for such wonderful thought provoking messages on this our Spiritual New Year of Nisan 1. 

The respective resonances lovingly provided by the Psalmist are titled:  

  • Which Prophet (Ezekiel 1-7)

Kicking off a deeper dive into the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, the Psalmist poses a riddle for us: "Is Ezekiel's experience unique to him?" Such similarities found between Ezekiel and another special Prophet surely can't be "coincidental" ... so what means this?

  • What Shall Be (Ezekiel 8-13)

In this second soul resonance we find the Psalmist yet again drawing forth the inferences to later time prophecies and events. The Psalmist's message is clear as the imminent danger descending in these dark days is brought forth. The Psalmist is keen to the prophetic playbook and script shared between Ezekiel and the Revelation to John ... perhaps there are clues and details to be found within Ezekiel that need more exploration? Hmmm!

  • Deal Is A Deal (Ezekiel 14-20)

The Psalmist takes a broad view of Israel's deal with Babylon ... it's responsibility to pay the tribute and the consequences for being disobedient. So what of today's deal between Israel and Babylon ... does Israel pay heed and render the tribute due? Patterns upon patterns playing out again and the Psalmist appears to be on top of the story!

  • The Hedge (Ezekiel 21-24)

The Psalmist ponders the declaration that Israel was lacking a hedge of protection in the times leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem. THE LORD looked upon Israel but no special man was found to stand in the gap as times before ... with Moses or David. So where or rather WHO provides Israel with the hedge of protection in these later days? Hmmm!

  • Imperial Hostility (Ezekiel 25-32)

In this soul resonance the Psalmist draws out the nature of warfare and conflict between the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdoms of Men. In a most intriguing fashion, the Psalmist depicts Babylon as EL's servant raised up to battle darkness ... to maintain order in the Earth. But alas, Babylon abandoned it's post and refused to be healed! So when was the post totally abandoned ... has Babylon been totally defunct in it's duties in these modern times? The Psalmist raises some eye-opening questions.

  • The Feast (Ezekiel 33-39) 

The Psalmist once again draws attention towards the Book of Revelation and the Great Feast of Flesh prophesied so long ago. Surely GOD takes no pleasure in the death of men but at the same time VENGEANCE is HIS and that of HIS MESSIAH! GREAT YEHOVAH beckons the nations ... invites them to dare come against the apple of HIS eye ... despite all of their short comings! .. Hodu ADONAI Ki Tov!

  • Temple Literal (Ezekiel 40-48)

The Psalmist naturally ponders the Grand Temple detailed by the Prophet(s). To the Psalmist there is no doubt, no hesitation that Ezekiel's vision is that of a literal nature ... that this TEMPLE is real! But then of course if such is true then there are significant ramifications/conundrums for those whose beliefs and doctrine cannot deal with such a reality! … Literal or allegory ... such a simple question is it not?

The soul resonances can be found on Yochana's Tribulation site page! 

Additionally, with "Above Lamentations" The Psalmist peers into the subtle contrasts contained within the Book Of Lamentations set between Jerusalem and Babylon. At one point both elevated royalty ... then fallen virgins! But one to be restored while the other became a harlot widow content with sitting upon a kingdom without a king! Perhaps not such a hidden story after all ... this story of "daughters" and "princesses"! The soul resonances can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! 

March 3rd: Surely for any zealous believer in the G_D of Israel, the events leading up to and including the siege and fall of Jerusalem in the late 7th and early 6th Century BC cannot be separated from the events which took place in the 1st Century AD. It does appear that the patterns are presented to us through historical records for many reasons … one of which is to ponder the recurring patterns within G_D’s WORD. And this seems to be what the Psalmist does exceptionally well.  

The Psalmist turns her sight to the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, (Yiremiyah – Whom YAH appoints), and yet again delivers a thought-provoking Messianic perspective while deftly culling out from the Book such things that pertain to the life and ministry of Messiah YESHUAH. Such patterns prevailing in the life of Jeremiah and Israel at that time should by no means be considered coincidental but rather incidental to a certain extent. Once more the Psalmist sees the pictures, patterns, portraits and portents … pointing to GREAT PELE!  

The Psalmist shows us once again how YESHUAH is quite frankly always there in Scripture. Most assuredly, as the declared Spirit of Prophecy, it should not be surprising that all prophecy is somehow related to YESHUAH … if we are prepared to look through the Messianic lens.

Todah Psalmist for the faithful remembrances and allowing us to share your Aliyah through the living WORD! 

The respective resonances lovingly provided by the Psalmist are titled:  

  • The Disappointment 
  • EL Has Spoken 
  • Shepherd's Story
  • HIS Battle 
  • Hope In Tribulation 
  • The Prophet Lives 
  • Who’s Story Is It? 

The soul resonances can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! Seek HIM and HE will be found! Praise YAH!