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April 2019

April 16th ... Yochana delivers a wonderful three part tribute to the early Spring Mo'adim with "Shir Pesach", "Shir Chag HaMatzot" and finally "Shir HaBikkurim". The muscial remembrances pay homage to YESHUAH in the context of HIS glory contained within the Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruit Appointed Holy Times of ELOHIM! These wonderful soul songs can be found at the Psalmist's Music Page on the site. Praise ELOHIM ... Bless YESHUAH ... our Pesach Lamb ... our EVERYTHING!

April 10 ... The Psalmist Yochana sings of justice and mercy and also decries the iniquity and worthless things that vex the path of the believer. Surely there are those who can "feel" the Psalmist's heart with this lovely rendtion of "Psalm 101 - Walking In Integrity". Isn't it so strange how the enemy moves against the good in cycles consistent with our LORD's times and rhythms? Hmmm!

March 2019

March 21st ... The Psalmist Yochana provides us with a musical version of her stirring resonance/message reminding us how we are in the "Days of Noah ... AND ... YESHUAH"! The times are late and we need to redeem the days! The title can be found at the Psalmist's "End Time Songs"!

March 8th ... the Psalmist Yochana just at the right time delivers a soulful melody titled "Purim Destiny". The Psalmist sends out a call to the hero of Babylon ... it is time to build the Temple and the Wall ... remember HaSHEM ... remember your people ... remember your destiny!

March 3rd ... the Psalmist Yochana gifts us with a special New Moon song titled "Rosh Chodesh" ,,, this being put on her heart and the heart of her community. Oh such a blessing indeed! Should it not be for everyone? The new song can be found at the Psalmist's Music Page under the Mo'adim category. Barukh HaSHEM!

January 2019
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January 30th ... the Psalmist Yochana releases four new messages for those with ears to hear. "Peter's Mantle" is a lovely remembrance of the awesome Messianic Yoke gifted to Peter by our LORD YESHUAH - it can be found on the Beloved's Plea sitpage under the Beloveds section. With "One Giant Step" our Psalmist provides stirring insights as to how our LORD's coming return to the Mount of Olives was foreshadowed with the Shavu'ot event at Mount Sinai ... simply breathtaking Oh Israel! Our Messenger also provides two stark Tribulation resonances: "Let My People Go" is a bold confrontation with Pharaoh (hasatan) as Yochana calls on the memory of Melkhisidek to remind the enemy that there will be no victory over YESHUAH and finally with "haZefeq" the beloved Psalmist issues a warning to those seeking to save their lives rather than put their trust in Mashiach!

Clearly our Psalmist Yochana has been quite busy and continues to bless us all by faithfully outpouring that which she has been so blessed to receive. Let us continue to pray that the Psalmist remain so blessed and is able to faithfully produce the messages these days which are so badly needed! Our LORD is truly remarkable and works in the strangest of ways! Barukh HaSHEM! Also note that Yochana's Book Of Messages has been updated and contains all 71 of the Psalmist's non-musical releases ... it is quite the interesting collection indeed!

January 9th ... the Psalmist Yochana releases two new Soul Songs (Yeah)! On the Psalmist's Music Site Page under the Moadim Section Yochana pays tribute to the seventh day with "Shabbat Spirit Fire" while under the End Days Section the Psalmist exhorts us to open up our eyes to the mysteries abounding all around us with her song titled "Oh The Mystery" ... Thank you Psalmist for these blessings!

January 2nd ... the Psalmist Yochana releases a new Song and Message. Under the Psalmist's Music section a lovely rendition of Psalm 32 titled "Forgiveness" will be found while on the Beloved's Plea site page within the Light and Dark section a new message titled "Tzitzit Blues" can be located. You won't want to miss these two new resonances from the Psalmist and there is no coincidence that our Psalmist has released these together in as much that grace and righteousness are never separate ... hmmm ... something to think about!

December 2018

December 18th ... Tis the season (hmmm) and the Psalmist cries out with her musical rendtion of "Idol-A-Tree"... the new song can be found on the Psalmist's Music page under the Mo'adim section! Appointed Times ... hmmm!

Yochana provides us an inspiring rendition of Psalm 25 titled "For You I Wait" ... a grand exhortation of how YESHUAH has become not just Salvation but a Song!

December 12th ... Y'hudit gifts us with four new stunning visuals titled: "The ROCK"... "Perfect Comfort"... "Opening Portal" and "Portal Protection". It would be wise to ponder these stories for there appears to be great meaning just waiting to unfold!

December 12th ... Yochana the Psalmist blesses us with her new song titled "I Await"... a melody of hope and steadfast faith in how G_D can and will direct our personal and communal Aliyah through his glorious and perfect WORD ... the LIVING TORAH YESHUAH!

December 6th ... Yochana the Psalmist gives another mystery to ponder with her new resonance titled "King's Second Return". The resonance can be found on the End Days Messages site page under the Oh Israel section! Certainly worth checking out ... a very interesting perspective when viewed within the context of previously revealed events in G_D's WORD!

In the midst of Chanukah ... Chag Sameach as we celebrate the 8th Mo'ed ... YESHUAH'S special portion ... Barukh HaSHEM!