Recent Updates: Here you will find a summary listing of changes/updates so that you can quickly understand what if any changes/additions have been made to the website without having to poke around and or waste your valuable time!
These changes are anticipated to remain posted for roughly 60 - 120 days!

October 2017

October 16th - the site page for Yochana's Soul Melodies has been changed ... a new subsite page has been added to house the the recent "latter day" resonant messages coming from Yochana. All the content provided by our Psalmist remains ... it has just been separated for ease of navigation and to reflect the special charge given to the Psalmist in these days.

Please note as well that on the 16th two new resonances were also added. One titled "Yirat HaSHEM" found on Yochana's main soul melody page and the second titled "666 - What's In A Name". Both resonances are provided in written and audio formats ... may we all be blessed and as always our deepest thanks to Yochana who continues to resonate for our benefit and blessing.

October 8th - our visionary artist provides us with sight of things past, present and future. With great kindness Y'hudit bat Tzion has gifted to us numerous (9) pictures ... seemingly painting a single portrait of the beginning to the end! A wondrous outpouring and prayers to our LORD that others be blessed abundantly!

October 8th - our Psalmist Yochana presents us with a stirring question with "Witnesses" ... "What are we looking for in the two witnesses of Revelation ... are we even prepared to see them ... the two ... or more? Hmmm!

On the 1st our Psalmist Yochana gifted us with two more resonances (she continues to pour out) ... they are titled "Servant Resonance" and "Counting" respectively. These new resonances are available in both written and audio formats. Yochana continues to cry out to the beloved sealed ones as the days become shorter and on a personal Psalmist's note ... reflects upon the aliyah which counts each of our days ... learned from a beloved in arms ... Daveed!

September 2017

On the 14th our Psalmist Yochana blessed us with two new inspired resonances ... they are titled "I Await" and "Whats Going On" respectively. These new resonances are available in both written and audio formats. It appears our Psalmist Yochana is openly sharing her aliyah - her journey with us. As the Mo'adim approach, just short days away, our Psalmist appears to be inspired greatly. I so pray that G_D's children are listening with open ears to these warnings and counsel!

August 2017

On the 28th our Psalmist Yochana gifted us with a new call ... to the Beloveds. It is titled "Beloved In Arms" and is available in both written and audio formats. It is quite the startling resonance ... perhaps jaw-dropping to most ... but not to this one! Time to awaken Beloveds ... the time is nigh!

On the 22nd our Psalmist Yochana added two new melodies to her ever growing body of resonances: "Sabbath Delight" and "40 Days of Night". Sabbath Delight is Yochana's personal testimony of the beauty and glory of the 7th day. 40 Days of Night is yet another effort by the Psalmist to "sound the alarm" in the wake of the "amazing coincidence" regarding the timing of the solar eclipse traversing the entire continental United States on the 21st. The resonances are available in both written and audio formats ... today rabah to our Psalmist! ... Amazing coincidence ... hmmm!

On the 3rd the Psalmist uploaded another beautiful soul melody ... "Aliyah of Souls". This is available in both written and audio formats ... just Wonderful ... what an ascent of the spirit!

On the 2nd the Psalmist posted three new soul melodies: "Servant's Prayer" ... "Creation Groans" ... "Turn To Yeshua". These resonances are available in both audio and written formats. Our beloved Psalmist remains on a resonant and steadfast aliyah ... an aliyah of warning and yes survival for those who shall listen.

July 2017

On the 28th the Psalmist posted "Spirit To Spirit" ... and "Looking for the 144" ... new resonances exhorting the Beloveds to awaken ... new resonances calling out to the 144,000 yet alive to prepare for the time is nearing ... survival is knocking on the door! The Psalmist Yochana continues to proceed along this aliyah ... perhaps we should be listening ... hmmm!

On the 4th a new prayer "HaNishmat" was uploaded to the "Hebrew Prayer Section" of this website. The ancient wonderful "soul prayer" is a powerful expression of praise and worship ... if embraced with the right heart!

Speaking of praise and worship ... also on the 4th Yochana the Psalmist gifted us with a new song of praise titled "Children of Zion Rejoice". The movement is based on Psalms 149 and 150 respectively. PRAISE G_D!

On the 3rd Yochana the Psalmist posted "Morning Star" ... a new resonance to Yeshua - He being the soulmate of ELOHIM! Wow!