The Beloveds

Yochana The Beloved Psalmist - A Heart To Share

Beloved's Plea

Welcome to Yochana's "Beloved's Plea" page which contains deeply initmate and revelatory resonances concerning "the Beloveds" revealed within G_D's WORD.

Yes most believers are aware of the "Elect" but there is also the "Select". Those individuals G_D has used throughout history as a means of great blessings for HIS people ... individuals whose charge is to help G_D's people survive the onslaught of the olam!

It is time for the Beloveds to arise ... those awaiting the renewal of their dry bones and those still alive. The time is coming and there is much preparation to be done as we await the coming of our KING ... YESHUAH!

The heart of the Beloved desires that none shall perish ... please listen to the Psalmist's plea ... time is short and the time to choose is now before it is too late.

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