Mashiach YESHUA

This entire site is dedicated to the great G_D of Israel and all humanity ... ADONAI ELOHIM and His Anointed Holy One ... Yeshua HaMashiach. At this site page you will find some materials regarding our most awesome: Redeemer, Savior, Master Teacher and LORD!

In all ways the orthodox Jewish tradition recognizes the Bible as G_D's story to humanity given through the auspices of the Everlasting Covenant to Israel. In all ways the Bible depicts G_D's plans for the restoration of humanity through Israel resulting in an inspired revelation that is Messiah centric and focused. In the Hebraic perspective there is no contradiction between the Tanakh (Christian "Old Testament") and the B'rit Chadasha Renewed Covenant (Christian "New Testament"). Together the two testaments comprise the Holy Bible ... the complete Torah ... gifted to humanity through Israel. In essence the Tanakh can be viewed as the testament of promise while the B'rit Chadasha can be viewed as the testament of fulfillment.

Consequently it is important to view the Holy Scriptures in a Messianic bias so that the events, portraits, principles and patterns revealed within the Tanakh can be accurately understood in proper context to enable us to readily and properly: recognize Messiah ... understand what has been promised ... understand what is Messiah's mission ... understand how the promises have been and will be filled ... and finally understand what fulfillment of the promises in and through Messiah means for believers.

The Bible reveals to us G_D's supreme power, might and perfectly righteous character through which He plans to reconcile creation back to Himself ... through the awesome works of His Mashiach ... Yeshua. It is very important that we realize Messiah's mission is about reconciling the creation through Himself for the good will, purpose and glory of ELOHIM ... the saving of mankind is a necessary but secondary aspect of Messiah's primary mission. Messiah saves mankind so that we can, through Him, exercise the divine right of providing stewardship over the creation in His image and likeness!

So often we people take the message of the GOOD NEWS GOSPEL as being an exercise by G_D to simply save us people while failing to realize that we are being saved not for the sole purpose of being saved but for the purpose of restoring the creation by exercising order over chaos ... by reflecting and manifesting G_D's divine, perfect, orderly, righteous, holy and loving essence. Hence we consistently see where "Heaven and Earth" (CREATION) are called to testify either for or against us!

Messiah therefore was perfect in His observance and application of Torah (the revealed essence of G_D) because G_D's essence is what brings order. Sin is disorder ... chaos; conversely the Torah is order and therefore serves as a barrier and cure to sin. Our emulation of Messiah (observance and application of Torah in all aspects of our lives) is how we partner with, in and through Him to promulgate His Kingdom and restore the Creation to its designed state ... it is how we serve Him!

It is just and righteous to view Messiah within a proper context ... lest we make His mission about us ... about you and me. There are reasons why Messiah did things exactly as He did. There are reasons why Messiah worked within the auspices of the covenantal relationship. There are reasons why Messiah came through Israel. There are aspects of His story ... yea the entire story ... that can't be overlooked for the gratuitous human desire to be immortal ... or to simply be correct in our theological/religious convictions. 

Please than accept the challenge ... this plea ... to open up your horizons and look for Messiah in the events, characters, portraits, principles and patterns depicted within the Tanakh ... for in these writings can we come to the fuller understanding of our glorious Messiah Yeshua. Mashiach is everywhere ... if we look with eyes that can see!

The downloadable materials provided on the left navigation panel herein represent a  small offering of writings provided to give some glimpses into the awesome nature of Mashiach Yeshua ... our wonderful gift from Abba Father!

Most assuredly this witness, as do others, has much to say about our awesome Redeemer and LORD. These detailed commentaries are made within the complimentary books and materials available at this site!

Barukh HaBah b'SHEM ADONAI ... Blessed is He Who comes in the name of The LORD!

Praise Yeshua HaMashiach forever and a day! Amen!